Who says an all-encompassing system cannot be simple to use? Our systems are designed for the medium and long terms, with all the content necessary for its operation - without boring the end user. Clean and functional designs are our signature.

How about unified systems accessible from anywhere and getting rid of papers and spreadsheets? Extract reports, do the analytics, make decisions, be (in fact) the owner of your company's information.

Cloud Development



Applicant Tracking System

A system for selecting candidates. It includes job descriptions, multi-channel promotion, CV collection, candidate evaluation, video pre-interview, exams, collaborative evaluation by the company, among other features that really make your company scale the HR area, bringing only the best of the best for the face-to-face interview.

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Farmer Training

Fully web-based course management system, with ERP at the back office. Each state has its own vision and configuration, but the platform is unique, so the national entity has global management. Access is performed by application (offline) for use at remote points where courses are taught and there is no communication.

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Assistência Técnica e Gerencial

Technical Assistance To Farmer

Technical assistance management system, which includes Mobile Application (offline) for technicians, Web Management System for supervisors and managers, and BI to monitor real-time indicators.

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Muzt - Real State

We created a specialized platform to provide sales services and real estate asset management from products developed by partners with a focus on quality and high standards. We offer liquidity with security. In addition, we offer a differentiated service through highly qualified executives - all backed by a robust system that directly influences sales.

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Juzto - Legal Contracts Generation

Through Juzto platform, it is possible to create in a few minutes, several legal models for people and companies. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the connection between clients and lawyers through a special tool that assists in analysing litigation processes.

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