Farmer Training

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Deploy national training methodology within a system for training management, from the register of intentions to the final delivery of the certificate. The system would need to be executed in all states, independently of each other and taking into account their particularities, but be on a single basis, which would enable the complete view of any information, from the most synthetic to the most analytical level. In addition to the management of courses such as attending instructors, pedagogy among others, the system would also need to meet the entire financial scope, stocks and costs.



Development of a fully web-based course management system, from the ERP to the platform itself. Each state has its own vision and configuration, but the platform is unique, so the national entity has global management. Access is performed by application (offline) for use at remote places where courses are taught and there is no communication.


Key Results

  • +2 users cloud e mobile
  • 15 states
  • +500K participants
  • +50K cources
  • +300K certificates