To deliver results, more than just digitally rich experiences (UX) there has to be structures that work to deliver what the user and the business expect.

If you need a bold, all-encompassing mobile solution, you must be able to operate offline and synchronize when possible - we have delivered this service for thousands of users throughout Brazil.

Our clients operate systems in the field, even offline – regardless of their business sector: retail, agriculture, or telecoms. Whenever there is Internet connection, information is synchronized automatically with the central system, enabling 24x7 operations even in the most remote locations that your business may require.

Desenvolvimento Cloud


Senar nas Nuvens

Farmer Training

Fully web-based course management system, with ERP at the back office. Each state has its own vision and configuration, but the platform is unique, so the national entity has global management. Access is performed by application (offline) for use at remote points where courses are taught and there is no communication.

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Assistência Técnica e Gerencial

Technical Assistance To Farmer

Technical assistance management system, which includes Mobile Application (offline) for technicians, Web Management System for supervisors and managers, and BI to monitor real-time indicators.

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Field Data Colection

Mobile apps to consolidate information in cloud systems providing Business Inteligence to managers. In addition providing the holistic view of the colected data.

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