When we needed to deliver what others could not, our team became motivated - especially when the solution was tough, involving not only software, but, hardware, alternative communications, complex integrations and discovering different approaches to the same problem.

If you need to design something unusual, unique or complex – join us, we can understand the problem, design the solution, deliver it and even maintain it with continuing evolution and support. Moreover, do not be afraid of your dream: IoT, communication with satellites, innovative payment ways, your unusual APP, hardware integrations, whatever it may be, we can help.

We have success stories using a grand variety of technologies such as Java, Oracle Netsuite, HTML5, PHP, iOS, Android, NodeJS, AngularJS, NoSQL databases, ETL tools, integration.

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Internet of Things

Using IBM Bluemix services we perform end-to-end testing with IoT devices, validating most Watson IoT tools to manage devices, collecting and analyzing data in Bluemix.

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CNA Card

CNA Card

Card development for the rural producer and all the integration of the dozens of public and private systems involved. The simplicity of the card allows the rural producer to generate his documents from home only with internet and printer, saving time, reducing costs and speeding up his life.

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