Real Estate Sales and Asset Management Platform

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The real estate market works the same way for years and is seldom modernized - there are many real estate agents who do not use technology as a tool to assist in sales and enhance the customer experience. Because it is a very "traditional" sector, the challenge is to introduce a new sales process, which adjusts details at the funnel stages and results in increased customer conversion.



We created a specialized platform to provide sales services and real estate asset management from products developed by partners with a focus on quality and high standards. We offer liquidity with security. In addition, we offer a differentiated service through highly qualified executives - all backed by a robust system that directly influences sales.


Key Results

  • Mobile application
  • Data Enrichment - Agents know the leads even before the first contact
  • Analysis of customer profile and behavior
  • Automation in communication
  • Sales funnel with clearly defined steps

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